May Tre Décor is a Vietnamese sustainable fashion brand founded by Ms. Nguyen Quynh Ngan. Ngan is passionate about art and doing handcraft but she chose to major in Biotechnology and had worked for a sewage treatment company before going into the fashion business. The brand products ranging from fashion accessories to interior decoration items.

May Tre products are specialised by eco-friendly materials used such as bamboo, bamboo fibres, seagrass straw, hyacinth and sedge fibres with their unique properties of good flexibility as well as their natural vibrant colors and natural charming scent. Vietnamese hand-draft techniques are used in most of the stages of the making process giving the product a unique Eastern spiritual look.


As can be observed, May Tre décor is not the only brand in Vietnam producing seagrass bags and similar types of accessories items. Therefore, the brand makes its statement by their artistic way of surface decoration. Bags – the highlighted item of the brand – are decorated with distinctive hand paintings with images and colors reflecting the Vietnamese life and soul such as Ao dai, lotus flowers, bamboo, to name but a few. It is even more fascinating that customers could personalize their bags by requesting painting their own images on the bags. Nothing is more fabulous and stand out than a street style completed with an Indochine art look concept item.

The brand is going for sustainability by aiming at introducing a line of big sizes, strong but lightweight seagrass bag sold with at an affordable price. It could also be given as a gift for customers to encourage people using reusable bags for shopping instead of using plastic bags in order to reduce the CO2 released into the atmosphere. In addition, it is undeniable that you will look more fashionable and classy going to the market with a sedge bag than with many plastic bags carried on hands.
The vision of May Tre décor is to evolve their brand into a local signature brand that will caught international interest. People from everywhere travelling to Saigon can keep a May Tre décor product as a memory taken from the fascinating city of Saigon, Vietnam.

By Thu Vu for Style by Asia.